Monday, December 31, 2012

Ang's Residence

A renovation project for Ms Tess Ang - Boy's Rooms 1 and 2, Family Area, Office, and Master's Bedroom.

BEFORE... The Family area is dark and cluttered. Display jars were scattered all over the TV cabinet and there is an empty space while above.

AFTER... The new TV system using modern laminate design created a clean feel and organized appeal from the previous arrangement.

The hanging glass shelf served as display holder for the collection of action figures above the TV while the floating cabinets fill up the empty spaces at the far end wall.

BEFORE...The cabinet for blankets and old stuff is too dark and too heavy for an open area like this.

AFTER.... This is the old cabinet repainted and laminated to be converted into a bookshelves. To accommodate the wide collection of books, there is a pullout tray for easy access to the double row of books per shelf.

BEFORE....The old clock is isolated in between the two openings.

BEDROOM 1 - BEFORE...The baby blue room depicts the preference of young kids. But as they grow older, the boys need to have an identity of their own.

A new look for the growing kids. Instead of cartoon characters and their old baby blue wall paint, we opted for a neutral tone for the room.

BEFORE...this corner was used as bookshelves.

AFTER...We removed the corner cabinet to give space for the clothes and personal items in the closet. To cut and give an open feeling, the middle part of the closet was opened and served as an area for the sound system and other personal stuff. We also organized the interior of the closet to fit accommodate socks, undies, pants and folded clothes. The upper part will be for the blankets and comforters.


AFTER...We covered the roll-up blinds to match the beds, and changed the finish of the headboard to a light laminate finish. We cleared up the headboard and just hang an abstract artwork between the two windows.


AFTER...Very light wood laminates added brightness and space to the room. This is the other boys' room having the same design as the adjacent room.

A collection of jars on the floor added warmth to the array of books in the open shelves.

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